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LEARN BAHASA INDONESIA AND OTHER LANGUAGES WITH SENTRA LINGUA The easy way to speak languages ……… SENTRA LINGUA is a professional and friendly language school which was established in 1997, we provide effective , enjoyable Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner (BIPA) and other foreign language courses and in-house training for both personal and corporate clients in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, Cilegon and Cepu, East Java. All language courses are run by patient, experienced and qualified language tutors. With Sentra Lingua you can have a fully tailor-made course with flexibility. You learn what you need We design a course based on your needs and usage; for social situations, business environment or for diplomatic purposes. We can also focus on improving specific skills, such as: reading, speaking, writing or listening. You learn when you are able We understand that you are busy, so just let us know when you would like to have the classes. From early in the morning to late in the evening, and even on Saturdays or Sundays. If you need to postpone or reschedule your class, we will understand. You learn where you like Stay where you are and let your teacher deal with traffic jams! We will send our Instructor to your home or office, or at any location most convenient to you. You learn how the people live The expats Learn more about the Indonesian people and their culture with Our custom-designed Bahasa Indonesia resources ; and other language courses, participants will also be introduced to the culture, people and the country of the language they are learning.
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