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The apartment, which was designated for newlywed couple, consisted of 4 rooms: master bedroom, child bedroom, kitchen and living, bathroom. As the wife work from home, a small home office was installed at the corner of the living room. To give extra space to the existing small master bedroom, the wall separating the master bedroom and the child bedroom was teared down and replaced with a custom wardrobe. The child bedroom will be used as a small home office for the husband and bedroom for the future child. A connecting door was placed between both bedroom so as to ease the circulation flow between the two rooms. As the kitchen and living area were considerably small, the dining table was custom made with pull out system, so that it could be stored when not being in used. Neutral light color was applied as the main color scheme to enhance spaciousness to the small space.

Detail Proyek
Tipe Proyek

Design & Build

Lokasi Proyek


Ukuran Proyek

39 m2

Status Proyek


Durasi Pengerjaan

1 bulan

Tahun Penyelesaian


Nilai Proyek

Rp 90,000,000 - Rp 100,000,000

25% Selesai
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