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The aim of this project is to introduce a new design concept for Baksokotacakman outlet – a restaurant specializes in meatballs. This was a joint project with Firstline Interior as the main contractor. The signature color scheme of red and yellow was incorporated in different ways. The red color was used as the color of the seating fabric instead of on walls as the former design. The yellow color was used on wall but with a twist in the material in which a yellow backpainted glass with cutting sticker was installed, instead of only oil paint as the former design. A light wood color was used for the counter and backdrop to give off a touch of warm atmosphere to the shop.

Detail Proyek
Tipe Proyek


Lokasi Proyek

Pluit Village Mall

Ukuran Proyek

42.9 m2

Status Proyek


Durasi Pengerjaan

3 minggu

Tahun Penyelesaian


Nilai Proyek

Rp 3,500,000 - Rp 4,000,000

25% Selesai
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