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This was a proposed design for the first floor of Setrasari Residence. The first floor included a guest room, a living room, dining room, bathroom, pantry, foyer and storage. As the existing space didn’t include a foyer, a divider wall was constructed to separate the living dining from the entrance door to create a foyer. The foyer was used to welcome guests. In order to create a spacious atmosphere to the existing small space, the living and dining area were joint as one and were designed with neutral colors and modern clean line furnishings. 

Detail Proyek
Tipe Proyek


Lokasi Proyek

Setrasari - Bandung Utara

Ukuran Proyek

73 m2

Status Proyek


Durasi Pengerjaan

1 bulan

Tahun Penyelesaian


Nilai Proyek

Rp 5,840,000 - Rp 6,570,000

25% Selesai
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