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Clean Inc. is a brand under PT Bina Kasih Indonesia, which is experienced in Service Company for more than 20 years. We offers cleaning service in apartment unit and houses with the concept of hotel house keeping. We provide a guaranteed cleanliness, comfort and professionalism. Until now, Clean Inc. is operated in Jakarta area. As a start, we notice some issue, here in Jakarta. Jakarta as the capital city and a metropolitan city has a very high population density. Land as a place for people to life is decreasing because of the construction of high-rise buildings. Because of that, many developers try to build apartment. We highlight the issue of cleanliness in the apartment. Currently, there are hardly any services that offer cleaning services for apartment unit using an outsourcing company like Clean Inc. We are confident that we have the opportunity to answer the problem. As the time goes by, the customer demand for cleaning at home is also increasing, and so we fulfill the demand by doing the service not just at the apartment unit but also houses by maintaining the same level of service quality and customer satisfaction. We build an establish system to make sure all that we do is efficient and effective. We provide appropriate equipment and safe chemicals for our valued customer in delivering this service. We prefer the best equipment and chemicals to achieve the best outcome. The next most important thing is the worker, we hire a professional trainer to produce a qualified cleaner and set a high minimum standard operation. We handle the details seriously to prevent any future errors and defect. By developing the human aspect, we try to give the best business experience to customer with personal social approach. To reach trust of our customer, we provide cleaner with ID Cards and proper uniform to indicate our branding as professional service.
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