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The ANDYONO Design Guide & Idea brand is characterised by a love of aesthetics and the extraordinary. All products are confident and authentic, boast attention to detail. The contemporary and high-quality design is more than just an integral component of the product. It’s a promise to provide top quality. All designs are developed at Indonesia, a place of inspiration and a cultural foundation for cultivating the brand as a whole. The ANDYONO Design Guide & Idea can look back on decades of design expertise and skill. Much of the experience of Yuli Andyono gained from running in interior and architecture industries & business flows back into her own business with brand ANDYONO Design Guide & Idea, as does the knowledge and personal style of Yuli. As the Designer, Architect and Managing Director that brought the brand is modern and sexy in spite of this, that it triggers desire and identification with the products is due to a courage in turning to surprising shapes and colours and the always convincing functionality. Yuli Andyono combine perfectionism and practicality with a spirit for life. “Cosmopolitan design with its feet firmly on the ground”, explains Yuli. A highly detailed design requires nothing less than manufacturing techniques. Luxury, quality, culture, unique, function and style are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and clearly defined brand identity. The term “luxury” is neither a catchword nor used in the usual sense to convey exclusivity. Instead, it represents optimism. Every item is worth its price – a statement of timelessness and permanent value, far removed from fashionable trends with their brief life spans. The term “quality” not only refers to the product itself, but also the entire value chain, from design, choice of material, processing and presentation to service, internal and external communication, and relationships with customers and business partners. ANDYONO’s values are based on tradition and “culture”, which is a source of inspiration and assesses the changes in social customs and requirements. Despite this dynamic, there’s a common thread throughout all the collections. The “style” is used to polarise opinions – often in a tongue-in-cheek way. But the harmony of the design is never spoilt by a touch of extravagance.
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