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Eva Harjadinata (also known as aiLie) was born and raised in the small and quiet city of Ciamis, West Java, so it's little wonder that she is world renowned for her innate sense of style, inspired by the vibrant colors, organic shapes, and lush natural abundance of her homeland. Eva moved to Bandung in 2000 at the age of 19 and began her career in the design world as a fashion and make-up model. When graduated from college in 2004, since her background study is economy, she focused her career as an agent for investment company. In the same year, Eva get married to Budi Wangsa Tedy, a genius young architect. Eva gave birth to a lovely daughter, Keisha-Navina Leif Zhou in 2005, and live her lives happily as Keisha gave the joy and fun. Necessity is the mother of invention: when the investment company collaps in 2007, Eva was in need of a job. Her sister marriage is leading the way. Get in touch again with her long-hearted dream as a make-up artist, she began study and learning more about make-up and cosmetics from the best mentor there is possible. This was the modest beginning of Eva's stellar career as a make-up artist.
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