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Placed in the heart of Gading Serpong, a house is designed to accommodate a young couple desire to have a comfortable home.

This young couple spends most of their time at home for work and live.

The husband has a huge fish pond and the wife wish for a simple home.

To fulfill their desire, this house is designed with Urban Resort concept.

The urban represent the modern yet simple living style of the couple

The resort concept provides a comfortable atmosphere for them to work at home.

The color and material concept is a natural yet modern, which is represent by mix the rustic wood and the monochrome modern material.

The interior space is connected with the outdoor by maximize the natural sunlight and placed the pond position as the heart of the house.

The pond can be enjoyed from the living room, dining room, bar, master bedroom, and master bathroom.

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Lokasi Proyek

gading serpong

Ukuran Proyek


Status Proyek


Durasi Pengerjaan

1 tahun

Nilai Proyek

Rp 40,000,000

Kamala Interior
25% Selesai
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