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A tropical and shady complex at Samarinda wishes to make a show unit to represent one of their medium size unit. Since the size of the house is quite small to accommodate a family with 4 members, then a compact space concept is the answer.

By keep the company characteristic, this show unit was designed in compact and tropical concept.

The compact mood was created by using multi function feature.

At the living room, to create a sofa background, a wooden panel was placed to hide some electrical outlets also hide the door to boy’s bedroom.

The TV cabinet was using a big mirror panel to widen the space feeling with the storage inside.

At  bedrooms, each furniture were designed to maximize the storage space.

The tropical mood created by using wood grain texture at the panels, and also the blinds.

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6 bulan

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Rp 30,000,000

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25% Selesai
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