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ABOUT US Vintaricon Asia is the general contractor to handle construction of luxury home and the type of medium. Our team is ready to work with professional experts skills in their field. Work with a high level of neatness is our objectivity in creating a building that has quality results. Work done by carefully and give a “soul” in each project in the fields of architecture and civil is our commitment. ARCHITECTURE CONSTRUCTION Our Construction is driven by a brief in quality and proper Time Schedule and material finishes. We have committed into our motto in lowest Cost, into best Quality that can achieve and in the shortest Time frame (CoQuTi). We also give priority to advise in Function, Aesthetic, Safety, and Security (FASS). We also equalize our perception with the detail from the Architect and the other Consultants, to synchronize the FASS. DESIGN Vintaricon Asia understands that the building development is to interpretative of the Design Drawing into the site. We have a strong creative and detailed team, it which always looking forward the Approved Drawings it’s supposed to correctly build with precision. We are proactive with drawing clarification with the Owner, Architect and other Consultant. SUPPLY AND INSTALL Vintaricon Asia also provide installation services finishing by supplying the needs of a project. Aspects of detail and neatness is also one of our main concerns for cient. Supply and installation type that we do include the installation of GRC, installation of marble for floors and walls, aluminum work and others.
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