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PT TRIMITRA ARSITEK, with its headquarters in Jakarta, has grown significantly by providing architecture and design consultancy services to Indonesia region. Its varied client has provided the firm with projects ranging from lifestyle homes to condominiums, small offices/home offices to large commercial complex, educational, hospitality and major town planning projects. The firm philosophy remains unchanged and that is to give our client design excellence and service. Attention is given to details and design evolves with the users expectations. PT TRIMITRA ARSITEK founded by Edwin Wihardja as registered company on 2008 in Jakarta which focusing on civil, construction, interior design, mechanical and electrical work. On 2011, together with Rangga Suryadi TRIMITRA has registered as Limited Company (Perseroan terbatas) Strategic Planning for TRIMITRA provides a process for general contractors, subcontractors, homebuilders, designers, and vendors (from now on simply referred to as contractors) to define their businesses in ways that are not only profitable, but also defensible. While there is no silver bullet for business success, a properly developed business strategy based on sound business practices substantially increases the chances of success. What the author means by success is not just surviving, but thriving in a business that rewards the business owner commensurate with the efforts and risks involved.
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