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Studio Kayoe djati is design consultant, we cover Architecture, Interior Design and Creative Design. in Architecture we focused on Housing, commercial Building and Educational building. in Creative Design we focus on Logo Design, Branding Product, Company Profile and etc. and of course we cover Photography and Videography Q/A : 1. Q : What if I want to use your services ? A : Just Sent us email about the services you want to use or call us. 2. Q : How the payment system ? A : The Payments will only be discussed after you agree to our preliminary design has been approved. 3. Q : What if the current preliminary design is not satisfied me ? A : Because customer satisfaction is our priority, so when the proposal is not like you wanted, customers can provide suggestion about design and ask for revisions to the proposal, until it's approved and ready to enter the next phase or being cancel :"( . 4. Q : How many phase on Designing something ? A : - Proposal (Preliminary Design) - Contract - Completed work 5. Q : How many phase in payment? A : The Phase on payment can discuss on phase of Contract. :) Our Project : Architecture : - Depok House - Triangle House - Urban House Design On Griya Kreasi Book - Land Scape Design of Dwi Sasono House - Master Plan for PU project in Sofifi - Master Plan for PGE Pertamina Ulubelu, Lampung Interior Design : - Skin Care of Ms. Endira - PT. Mitra Sentosa Teknik - Modern Scandinavian Home (Mr.Ogana) - Interior Cafe Eatsomnia Bintaro (On Process) Creative : - Branding of Ladisya Wedding Organizer - Design Of Jordy Waelauru Album (Trumpet of Barry Likumahuwa Project) contact us for more information about Studio Kayoe Djati :) and follow our instagram for update : @studiokayoedjati email : [email protected] phone : +62 81319778552 feel free to ask :)
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