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Brussels Apartment Unit

This is an interior Design work for a 2 Bedroom Apartment for a Client in Brussels, Sweden. The design leans toward simplicicy and modern. The collor palete used is white ight brown. All interior walls cabinets and pantry is using white color, uncluding doorframe. Light brown color is used for the whole flooring, and a punch of dark brown is used on the living room’s TV console and dining table. The pantry, living room and dining is designed as a unity, which allows this whole room to be read as one giant space and looked spacious, emphasized by the usage of bright colors and no partitions.

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Lokasi Proyek

Brussels, Sweden

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Durasi Pengerjaan

2 bulan

Nilai Proyek

Rp 20,000,000 - Rp 50,000,000

25% Selesai
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