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Namaste, PRUYoga is managed by Dian, a yogini and career woman. PRU means hard worker with gentle heart. Dian will introduces Hatha Yoga, means the sun and the moon. Flowing the movement with breathing and mindful. She will observes the member before the class is started, such as, basic flow is dedicated for beginner member. The session is for an hour (60-75'), including relaxations. SERVICE PRUYoga is serving yoga for corporate, private and studio. Focus on basic Hatha Yoga combines with therapy. THE BENEFIT OF YOGA Yoga taught us to be present as we know the key of happiness is be present. By flowing the movement, yoga will reduce the tensions on muscles, make the bone gets strong, it will move from up and down our body parts. By flowing the breath, it will helps us to release the tensions on mind and improve the blood circulation. By focusing the mind, we are more grateful by being the present and less of stress. Some yoga poses will reduce lower - upper back pain, neck pain, constipation and body stiffness. Yoga is more than regular exercise, our body more flexible, more strong, our mind will be calm FEE : Corporate, private and group class : IDR 400K - IDR 500K / session, depends on the area. PRUYoga Store We also sell yoga props, such as strap, wooden block and yoga legging. Namaste, Dian
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