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We are 2 out of 3 sisters. Growing up we were spoiled by our mother's delicious home made cakes. She was a baker at a very small cake shop in south Jakarta area at Jl. Dharmawangsa. We used to hang out almost everyday at the shop, sometimes helping, eating cakes or just looking at her whipping, icing and decorating cakes for the shops customers. We rarely bought cakes, for special occasions or just to fulfill our sugar cravings, we always ate our mom's home made cakes. About 4 years ago, our beloved mother passed away, we missed her dearly. After 2 years searching for home made cakes that taste like our mother's with no success, we decided to bake it ourselves. So in June 2011, Minilovebites was born to remember our mom and for cakes & cupcakes baked in the old fashion way. Few facts on our signature cakes: 1. Our cakes are about good taste. We don't sugar coat them just to make them look good. Ours are worth every penny & calorie :D. 2. Our cakes are freshly baked everyday, so it is best to consume them the day you receive your order :). 3. We DON'T use preservatives, essences, or shortening for our cupcakes, only high quality chocolate, fresh fruits and less sugar.
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