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Makna Translation was established in 2011 by certified interpreter who has been in the industry for more than 10 years . The goal of the agency is to be a leading language service provider in Indonesia, with specialization in translation and interpreting services, assisting corporations and organizations in their efforts to build, maintain and improve their business and mission in Indonesia. The combined experiences and quality performances delivered by its translators and interpreters have exposed Makna to most of business and organizational topic areas, including but not limited to: finance, telecommunications, government-to-goverment, automotives, oil and gas, retails, consulting, and many others. Makna Translation’s vision is to become the leading translation agency by 2020 and efforts are already underway by continuously recruiting talented and committed individuals and developing their capacity to meet the current and future challenges in the translation industry as Indonesia is becoming a much larger economy by the year, resulting in even more intense works and partnerships with overseas countries, corporations and organizations which in turn will need quality and timely translation and/or interpreting delivery. Who We Are... We are a collection of highly experienced and dedicated translators/interpreters who deliver the best quality of work at a very competitive price in the market. We understand that what you need is not merely translation/interpreting service, what you need are deals being made, agreements signed, regulations disseminated, profitability increased, new doors unlocked. We understand this from experience. Our pool of translators/interpreters have at least 5-year experience in the field of translation/interpreting under their belt. They have been exposed to many types of areas and industries. Our talents have more to offer because they:  Communicate on a daily basis (during their work assignment) with the relevant SMEs  Came from various backgrounds with high adaptability to new topic areas  Are certified translators/interpreters  Understand the cultural differences and sensitive issues, able to advise the clients on the subtle signals/messages conveyed by the client’s counterpart What We Offer Our services include:  Providing qualified translators/interpreters  Providing translation device rental/sale  Providing translation booth  Providing editing, proofreading, subtitling, and website localization services
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