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"Thank you for allowing KURSUSMART to accompany you and your children on the educational journeys.

KURSUSMART is here to satisfy Indonesia's demand for high-quality education. Because of technical advancements and the usage of numerous apps and media, making it is simpler to convey knowledge and information, which is a basic necessity for increasing the quality of human resources. Today online learning has become the preferred option. Our children will be taught to adapt to various types of ease of use of study and work facilities from an early age, where energy, distance, time, and even transportation expenses are now overcome by holding a smartphone. We will guide your sons and girls to become more active, confident, courageous, and accomplished persons, working with the greatest and most experienced teachers from various major university graduates and experts around Indonesia.

KURSUSMART is completely responsible for the supervision, training, and development of instructors, as well as the planning of educational activities. We continually strive to improve the quality of studying KURSUSMART through feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism.

Salam Smart!"

Detail Proyek
Tipe Proyek

Kursus Online

Lokasi Proyek

Seluruh Indonesia

Status Proyek

Dalam Pengerjaan

Durasi Pengerjaan

5 jam

Nilai Proyek

Rp 500,000

Kak Nida-English for Children Teacher

Kak Edo-General English Teacher

Kak Elisabeth-Mathematics Teacher

Kak Magda-Master Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris-Business English Teacher and English for Special Purposes Teacher

Kak Eyun-English for Teenager

Kak Azida-TOEFL and Academic English Teacher


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