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    By JRDesign in Arsitek Interior Designer at Bali, Banten, Jakarta

    JR Design provides discriminating clients with a comphrehensive range of design services and skills. By focusing time and energy on development of state-of-the-art systems, exacting specifications and documentation, JR Design creates innovative design solutions for every project.

    During each phase of the project, from initial concept, through design development, to final installation, JR Design seeks to distinguish their work through rigorous attention to detail, high standards and meticulous follow-through. Supported by exceptional project management teams, JR Design ensures that each project is completed on time and within budget.


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    • Main Services

      We provide designing your room interior for bedrooms, kitchen, living room, restaurant, office, etc. And of course with low price too!

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    • Architecture design.

      We provide designing your building, no matter how big, how small, we will design what's best, and fit you personally. Like, houses, offices, hotel, restaurant, etc. And yes, low price, and discount!

    • Contractor.

      While we proudly design your interior rooms, and your building, we, provide to build it as well! And we'll give you the design fee for FREE if you'd like to build it as well. We will give you the best price. Let's say, we got the price set by the quality we'd like to give you.

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