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GRAHARUPA is a team of young profesional interior designer with fresh ideas to help you build an interior concept that suits your build an interiors concept that suits your style as well as your needs – we aim to improve your lifestyle, workspace and quality of life. We work with sustainable materials with the hope that through our awareness we can maintain a healthy environment and give something back to mother earth. Together with our clients, we combine function, comfort and aesthetic the 3 main factors to create a suitable space for the market and image of company. Our service covers three interior fields: RESIDENTIAL SPACE DESIGN We understand that every one has different needs and taste. We try to meet all tour needs and expectations in creating your dream residence. SOCIAL SPACE DESIGN We create a social space based on human orientation. COMMERCIAL SPACE DESIGN We create a commercial spcae on human base and client’s business base.
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"Pelayanan yang di berikan penyedia jasa baik dan ramah. Penyedia jasa bisa menerima dan memberikan masukan yang baik." —pradhitya

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