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I have always been passionate about photography since as long as I can remember, but it’s not until a couple of years ago that I refounded this long lost passion and decided to make a living out of it. Since then, I have contribute my work to nation-wide printed media namely Hai Magazine, Kawanku & Ridebike Indonesia. My work has also been featured in other media such as Free! Magazine, August Man & Premio Magazine. Beside numerous editorial work, I've done several commercial work with clients ranging from governmental, hospitality services and the music industry. As a photographer, I specialised in portrait photography and I have handled big names like Ahmad Dhani, Daniel Mananta and Sophia Latjuba among others. I also shoot numerous events photography and have been trusted to document events for UNICEF, USAID and US Cotton to name a few. For events photography I used a wi-fi enabled camera, so the pictures I shot are available immediately through a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. I also provide printed photo books, regular album or a digital album as part of my service.

"Penyedia Jasa mampu berdiskusi dengan baik dan tahu apa yang kami mau. Proses pelaksanaan pekerjaan berlangsung baik tak ada kendala. Penyedia jasa sangat professional. Dan yg terpenting dapat mengakomodir apa yang kami butuhkan. Pokoknya recomended lah... Terima kasih." —hendro140

"Excellent service. A very nice guy to work with. Will definitely use him again next time..." —tira217

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