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Erwin Wong is a certified Professional MC & Presenter from Talk Incorps (A public speaking school that founded by Indonesia’s well known MC & Presenter Becky Tumewu & Erwin Parengkuan) with the highest mark among all the students in his batch. We believe music play the important parts in every event, including on your special wedding day, so we commit to give you the high quality music performance. Our musicians and singers are the profesional and selected, they also have worked together with the Indonesia’s well known singers and musicians such as: Afgan, Krisdayanti, Rio Febrian, Ruth Sahanaya, Addie MS (Twilite Orchestra), Erwin Gutawa (Erwin Gutawa Orchestra), Dwiki Darmawan, Aminoto Kosin, and many more! We will help you to choose your favourite songs from all genre and time, from classical, jazz, pop, rock, mandarin, you name it! We’ll play it for you.
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