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Hello, We are the eat2Slim Healthy Diet catering. What we offer: Eat2slim healthy diet catering menghitung jumlah kalori untuk setiap mealnya. Semua makanan less oil and less salt, no msg but still very tasty. Kami mengerti kebutuhan setiap orang berbeda-beda, karena itu please consult us apabila ada yang membutuhkan special request/ special dietary needs and requirements. Also, our diet consultant is available for diet consultation during the program. We deliver daily (Mon - Fri) to Jakarta and surrounding area (please check with us) NEW! We now deliver to all Indonesia area, please contact us for detail :) Enjoy our masterchef cooked meal hot delivered daily to you. Further inquiries for prices and more information; Contact Wa: 0822 33 55 1138 Line: eat2slim Email: [email protected] Please look at our IG @eat2Slim for pictures and food samples. Thank you dan kami tunggu kabar baiknya :) Eat well for your stress-free body with eat2Slim! Regards, Eat2slim
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