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We are an Architectural Consultant in Bali that provides you architectural, structural or MEP drawings for buildings with great detailing and estimation. We are also able to help you organise your building project within Bali Area. The word “Lumbung” means barn, a Traditional Balinese and Javanese one. The structure of this building is an agricultural building used for storage and as a covered workplace usually to keep and store grain. The concept of Lumbung as a barn represents the knowledge that we store as an architect and engineer in order to provide you the best solution for your needs. This traditional barn has a unique roof design that stands for our unique team and designs. Our work ethics are not just adopted from “Form follows function” but also “the function follows needs”. The owner, IGN Andri Saputra ( Ngurah Andri ) has completed a Bachelor of Architecture graduating with honors. He has worked as a Architect and Quality control of many residential and commercial Projects before and after his Architecture degree. Ngurah Andri worked and traveled with some senior foreign Architects, before he decide to work and open his own Architect consultant since 4 years ago. Ngurah Andri also has a join business with a Australian Landscape Architect company to do some work in building department. As an Architect he has capability in some Program Architect in between Auto CAD, Vector works, sketchup pro, 3ds max, photoshop, etc. Currently, Ngurah Andri runs Studio Lumbung Architect, as well as undertaking some projects in Bali, Java, Lombok, and hopefully will publish to get some projects overseas. Now with Gus Pra both created www.BaliArchitects21.com as the website to publish his works. The world of architect is the world so he liked even the architect is not only a job but also as a means to help a lot of people and also introduces how a culture influences the world architects. Balinese Architect is a point for him to do something big for his environment and the world.
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